EC200U-CN,MC60E,MC60CB-04-STD which is goid for drone?

my application is to use any one of this module in my drone.

question for EC200U-CN
in its datasheet it says GNSS is optional what does that means?(do have to enable it)
can gnss and lte both work at same time?
can i get only GNSS(Separate UART only for GNSS)through only one UART Port?

question for both MC60E and MC60CB-04-STD
what is main difference between two?
does they have separate UART Only for GNSS?
Does sim and gnss both work simultaniusly?

Regarding the first point about EC200U, GNSS and LTE can be used at the same time, you can use the nemea port to output GNSS data. For questions about MC60, please move to the GSM area to ask, thank you