EC200U-CN: Getting Signal Strengh

Hi All,

We need to get signal strength (0 to 100%).
Using below code:

ql_nw_signal_strength_info_s ss_info;
ql_nw_errcode_e result = ql_nw_get_signal_strength(0, &ss_info);

Like to know the value range for ss_info.rsrq and ss_info.rssi
Whether ss_info.rsrq will give signal strength (0 to 100%) or we need to do some calculation?


HI Prakash
You can refer to the values of RSRP and RSSI in the table to judge the signal strength. Generally, 2G signals use rssi to characterize signal strength, and 4G use RSRP to characterize signal strength.

Thanks for the details Felix