EC200U-CN EVM board to Ardinuo Uno communication using UART


Using QCOM or QNavigator I can able to test various AT command sequences: everything works fine. now i want to sent the AT command from Ardinuo MEGA2560 to EC200U-CN evm board through UART .
connected like below:
ardinuo ec200u-cn evm board
Tx (0)-------- Rx COM1( MAIN )
Rx (0)-------- Tx COM1( MAIN )
gnd -------- gnd

is this UART communication will work between this two boards? kindly give your suggestion.

if anyone worked before like this please share the example code.

You should not connect UART to RS-232.
You either need to expose the modem’s UART pins on EVB or convert Arduino’s UART to RS-232.

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thanks for the your reply.
now i am using the TTL converter to convert UART to RS -232 , then the RS232 logic levels i am connecting the EVM board COM1 main connector.