EC200U-CN Dual Sim Dual Standby

Hello, I am using an EC200-CN module. When I set and check the Dual SIM Single Standby functionality, it is working fine. I am able to read both SIM cards. How do I chage this to Dual SIM Dual Standby? Is there a dsds enable command? like the dsss enable command:

Query: AT+QDSIMCFG=“dsss”,1, Response: OK
Query: AT+QDSIMCFG=“dsss”, Response: +QDSIMCFG: “dsss”,1
Query: AT+QDSIM=0, Response: OK
Query: AT+CIMI, Response: 404277310667057
Query: AT+QDSIM=1, Response: OK
Query: AT+CIMI, Response: 404909246200781


for ec200-cn module:
Customized software is required to implement dual-SIM dual-standby functionality.