EC200U-CN Debug UART not working

I have recently started to work with EC200, however, I am not able to use the debug UART( pin no. 12, 11) for serial tapping, while using QL_UART_PORT_3. I have currently not set any function to the pins as pin 12 and 11 are not mentioned in the pin configuration file.

Also, is there any way to determine which port no. corresponds to which UART interface(main/debug/auxiliary).

Hi dasaresoham,
UART Debug Port, as the name suggests, is for debug only (on our RDA-based modules), and is not meant for normal use.
If you have more questions, please let me know!

Does debug port transmits the log of AT commands exchanges happening over the main UART, between the host and the module ?

I am a developer and using AT commands through main port to communicate with the module. Can I see the log of this communication on the debug port ? If yes, how does one enable this debug port to see the log.

Normally the AP logs are sent through the AP log port, but you can redirect them to the debug port using the following AT command:


AP log will require CoolWatcher to decode.

Yes, you can see AT commands being received in the log.