EC200U-CN battery power/charger


I’m using EC200U-CN module with openCPU SDK and have following queries regd. power/charger :

  1. Can the module be powered reliably using Li-ion batt connected directly to VBAT (with recommended filters/capacitors) without any LDO/regulator ?
  2. As in the charge_demo.c, it gives charging state, charging current, etc. Does the module support internal battery charging via USB ?
  3. In same charge_demo.c, for battery detect feature, it is said to connect battery to ADC channel. What is the recommended way to do so.?
    I’d connected battery +ve terminal to ADC0 with 1k series resistor, but it gives battery state as 0. Even the vtg readings are not accurate.


Sorry, EC200U does not support charging function, please ignore, thank you

Thanks for the reply…

Regd Q1. above, can it be directly powered using Li-ion batt, w/o any LDO, as the power supply rating of module is well within Li-ion battery vtg range.??
For charging, we’ll use separate Li-ion charger IC connected to batt.