EC200U 3.6V Lithium battery

I am using a 3.6V Lithium Battery to power EC200U module.

  1. With direct power 3.6V from battery, the module keeps rebooting.
  2. With a DC-DC boost regulator stepping up 3.6V to 4.1V, still the module keeps rebooting.
    I have tired the following step-up/boost regulators TLV61070ADBVR, TPS61023DRLT, STBB1-APUR all resulting in the same behaviour.

Any reference or guidance on keeping the module running with battery delivering 3.6V down to 3.3V will be of immense help.

P.S: The battery can deliver upto 500mA and this has been tested. The scenario is same when powered from RPS.

Hi @rajvignesh
Please refer to this: