EC200T VoLTE support

Hello, We are already using EC200T in one of our desigs. The datasheet of EC200T-CN mentions that VoLTE will be supported in a future date. CAn you please provide by when the VoLTE support be provided on EC200T-CN


Hello Jitender_Kumar_Misra, thanks for your question
Our EC200T-CN module already supported VoLTE function, but this funtion achieved base on R05 baseline. Your module do not support VoLTE if your module was R02 baseline or R03 baseline(you can query the baseline of module by ATI command). R02&R03 baseline can not upgrade to R05 baseline directly,.If you want use volte funtion, you can request new sample from quectel or you can send your module to us, we will upgrade and calibrate your module, thank you.

My module is (from ATI) EC200TEUHAR02A04M16, does that mean it has no working audio? I have been trying to get it to work on the EVB but did not manage to so far.

Is there a EC200TEU (eg from my distributor EC200T LTE Cat.4-Modul | 4G | M2M + IoT | Quectel | tekmodul) that does support call on GSM and VoLTE?

Thank you for your help.