EC200T reset to factory defaults

We have an EC200T module, firmware as reported:

< EC200TEUHAR05A01M16

After lots of experimenting with settings, we cannot set up a data connection any longer.

So to eliminate our changes as a source, we’d like to reset the module to its factory default. We cannot find a command to do so. The AT&F0 command only resets some settings but not all.

Could you please assist us and provide a way to completely reset the module?

You can try to restart the module or re-burn the firmware. I will send you the latest firmware via email, please check

Haven’t received any e-mail yet. Whom should it be from?

Hi Milo
I’m very sorry about this. I have sent you the firmware before, but it may be due to some reason that you did not receive it. Have you received it now?

Still haven’t received it.

Our supplier was kind enough to assist us with that.

After replacing the firmware, the module worked properly again.

It would be nice if we could just download the firmware from your website instead of spending weeks to locate it.

Thanks for your feedback. Please forgive the previous emails that were not sent correctly due to some reasons.
Best wishes