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EC200T or EC25 which One is newest one

I have to type of Quctel Module. EC200T and EC25EUX are two modules which are available for me. I want to know which one is the newest one and which one will be discontinued sooner because I want to use one of them in my project so the discontinued date is important for me.
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EC200T is a new module, which may be less affected by out of stock. EC25 is also a very stable mass production project.

Additional question about the EC200 / EC25.
I’m also working on a new design and have been informed by the local distributor in India - Millenium Semiconductor - that both devices, EC200 and EC25 are pin compatible as well as physically compatible. Meaning I can use either on the same PCB design.
Can you confirm that the same PCB footprint works for both these devices ?
From the data sheets, the dimensions of both devices are slightly different.
EC25 dimension = 32 mm x 29 mm
EC200 dimension = 31 mm x 28 mm

The footprint drawing of the EC200 in the datasheet is not legible.