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EC200T firmware and tool


i would ask how i can download an actually firmware vor EC200T EU Version.
My actual firmware is: EC200TEUHAR03A01M16_BETA0925

At the moment i have problem with sending smtp messages in an external device… Only port 25 is open, all other ports are closed.
After try to send a smtp message at port 465 with SLL or 587 with STARTTLS the modem is rebooting.


Hi Thomas
Please leave your email, I will send it to you via email
Best wishes

How can I download the flashing tool and the windows driver? Is it also possible to send me this things per mail?

Thanks & BR

ok, I will send them to you by email, please download in time.

Hello, i am having the exact same issue here. Could you provide firmware, flashing tool and driver as well ?