EC200T-EU miniPCIe, schematics of the miniPCIe board

I’m designing a intelligent trafic light controller and we pretend to incorporate as a modem the 4G EC200T-EU miniPCIe in our mainboard. I have already the basic information that I had downloaded from the quectel website but I would like to have the full schematics of the miniPCIe board. By what I could check visually from some photos, seems the board is exactly the same as the used for the EC25 modules, and maybe also for another modules…
I need this schematics because of the following reasons:

  • Seems that is possibly to solder the SIM card connector directly in the board (not populated by default), but I need the schematic to be sure about the components I should populated…
  • There is many componentes that are not populated and by what I could check, seems that one of the functins that we would like to have that is the debug UART could be possible to use…

My best thanks in advance for any help,
Eduardo Pinto

Please refer to the hardware design manual to design the hardware, thank you.
Quectel_EC200T_Mini_PCIe-C(Audio)_Hardware_Design_V1.0.pdf (902.6 KB)