EC200T-EU latest firmware


How can I get latest firmware for EC200T-EU?

Is there any way to get it?

I have sent it to you by email

Hi, can I get the latest firmware EC200T-EU?

It has been sent to your email, please check

How can I download the flashing tool and the windows driver? Is it also possible to send me this things per mail?

It has been sent to your email, please check again

I did everything according to the instructions.

  1. Drivers Quectel_Windows_USB_Driver(A)_Customer_V1.0
  2. Program Q Flash_V5.9_EN
  3. Selected the sent firmware in .zip
  4. The modem has been determined by Quectel USB Download Port for upgrade
  5. Pressed the install button
  6. Installation has started
  7. Green PASS
  8. Inserting into USB for a short time appears WUKONG USB\VID_1286&PID_812A\5&6044b84&0&3
    The modem has not returned to normal mode.
    What am I doing wrong?

Reinstalled the drivers. The result is the same

Compare the fw versions - what you have on your modem and what are you trying to flash.

The EC200TEUHAR02A05M16 firmware was installed from the factory
I’m trying to install the firmware EC200TEUHAR05A04M16_01.001.01.001
If I’m doing it wrong, can you send me the factory firmware, or the firmware that is suitable for this version of hardware?

I see no mismatch, that is good.
Some time ago I’ve successfully upgraded from EC200TEUHAR05A01M16 to EC200TEUHAR05A04M16 using QFlash 4.18 (Windows).

What I’ve already done. I reinstalled the drivers. I changed the usb to pci-e adapter. I tried the program QFlash_V4.18, QFlash_V5.9. Everything is ok in the report file.

WTPTP Notification: Platform is Ready 0x2
WTPTP Notification: Platform is Ready ,Notification code is :0x2
Burnning flash Successfully
Begin to disconnect
Finish to disconnect
Close hDeviceHandle:1578 WinUSB:b704dd8
close BootLoader USB handle
BootLoader Thread Completed!
End Time:2022-10-16 16:2:25

I insert it back into the usb for 1 second, the Quactel USB Download Port appears and disappears

I hope everything is not lost for me while the Quactel USB Download Port is open, it’s strange why it doesn’t close after the firmware.

Help, is there some kind of recovery tool?

Use the bootloader to forcibly download files

Help me find instructions on how to use the bootloader to force file downloads

Please refer to the following figure.

I used the method described in the instructions. The Quactel USB Download Port opens, the firmware loads, then nothing happens. I’m starting to think that the firmware is not suitable for this hardware or the firmware is faulty. Please share different firmware. I want to try the one that was from the factory. EC200TEUHAR02A05M16. And others too.

Hardware version ec200teuha-n06-mn0aa

EC200TEUHAR02A09M16_01.001.01.001 sent it for your email;pelease try it again