EC200T-EU FW for FOTA update

Where can I download the firmware for FOTA updating. Some of my modules EC200T-EU don’t respond on the command AT+COPS=?. It do not issue a list of operators and do not connect, how I get the firmware for FOTA updates? Current FW is EC200TEUHAR02A08M16

Hello rav, thanks for your question on quectel forums
I have send the FW you need via email, please check your email, thank you.

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Hello Duncan.Xu-Q
Dear i need the firmware of EC200T-EU and other tools


Hello imidad
Please let me know what’s the current version of your module? You can execute ATI command query or you can attach the IMEI number, thank you.

can i have firmware to please ?
send me link pleade

I too would be interested in tools to update and latest firmware for my module.
Revision: EC200TEUHAR02A04M16

Can you send me the info per email?

Здравствуйте,отправьте пожалуйста мне настоящую нормальную прошивку на модем Quctel EC200T текущая версия прошивки EC200TEUHAR02A08M16
Это мой адрес почты

Алеее мне тоже отправьте его пожалуйста

Отправьте мне на почту прошивку

Helo sir the same issue i am facing for firmware update here is version information and if you need imei and sn i will email you .
thanks and regards
Jul 13 2020 17:00:26
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