EC200T driver not found

I am using LTE OPEN EVB Kit of Quectel and mounted EC200T module on it and while installing drivers from the PENDRIVE nit able to identify the COM Port… because of the absense of driver.

Linux or Windows 10 Platform?

Please send email to for the EC200T driver.

Windows Platform…

Try this

I have installed EC200T driver as your link, but my PC do not find Mobile ECM Network Adapter. Can you give me this ECM driver ? Thank you in advanced.

you’ve got to change the usb interface of the modem from ECM to RNDIS which is the usb interface used in windows.
In order to do that, you have to send the AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,3 AT command to the modem.

@Mahdi_Joodi thanks.
@thanhtinbk yes, ECM driver is not yet available, please switch to RNIDS mode, rndis driver provided by windows system.


Hi Isacc, does the EC200U ECM window driver available now ? Many thanks !

@thanhtinbk ECM driver of EC200U is available, I will send it to you via email.

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hi Isaac, thanks a lot, but i still have not received driver via email yet, pls check.

@thanhtinbk I sent it again, please check.

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Got it. Thank you a lot Isaac .

Hi Isaac, pls kindly to give me latest version of EC200U-CN Quecopen SDK. Thank you so much !

@thanhtinbk Ok, I will send it to you via email, please check it.

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