Ec200t-cn mini-pcie hardware design and at command file

Hi support team,
I’m using EC200T-CN MINI-PCIE module, but I can’t download hardware design file and at command file from your website. Pls help me resolve it…Thank you !

Hello Linh_Bui, thanks for your question
Attached are the hardware design manual and AT command manual of EC200T-CN-MINI-PCIEQuectel_EC200T_Mini_PCIe_Hardware_Design_V1.0.pdf (870.4 KB) Quectel_EC200T-CN_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0.pdf (940.4 KB) . You can download it for reference. If you have other requirements, you are welcome to ask questions in Quectel Forums, thank you.

Thank you, but I see Hardware design file for EC200T different with my EC200T-CN module. Pin Assignment, Power supply and Uart interface not correct with my module.

Hello, Linh_Bui
Please confirm whether your module is EC200T-CN or EC200T-CN-MINIPcie, the MINIPcie specification I sent you, if you have other requirements, please reply here, thank you.

This is my module, Usart interface is 1.8V, but in hardware design file it show 3.3V…And some Pin assignment not correct with my module.

Hello, Linh_Bui
According to the picture you posted, your module is EC200T-CN-MINIPCIE-D, you can refer to this MINIPCIE-C hardware design document Quectel_EC200T_Mini_PCIe-C(Audio)_Hardware_Design_V1.0.pdf (902.6 KB) (MINIPCIE-C has codec function, MINIPCIE-D does not, and the rest of the design is the same). If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask on Quectel Forums, thank you.