EC200T-CN - Dial up not working in Windows


We have made our own USB dongle using EC200T-CN. We are able to connect to this EC200T dongle using USB port of our Windows 10 PC using QNavigator tool ( V.6.9.1)

Using Qnavigator we are able to do all operations with this USB dongle- for example establish a dial up connection , send SMS , make a call , test various AT commands etc.

However we are unable to connect to Internet by setting up windows dial up connection . Always getting error 720 . Has anyone faced similar issue ? Can someone help on this ? Let me know if any more information is required so that support can be provided


Hello there
How do you dial? PPP is also a network card, you can provide your dial-up log to, if the normal operation in Qnavigator can also be performed on the PC.