EC200SCNAB upgrade firmware

Hi Quectel team!

Now, I have some EC200S modules that use old firmware(EC200SCNABR03A03M16, EC200SCNABR03A05M16). I need to update the final firmware for it.
can you send me the tool and the last firmware!

Thanks for your support at this time!

Everybody help me!!!
I refer “Quectel_EC200S_LTE_Standard_Specification_V1.0.pdf” documents. I see this module supports the FOTA feature but I cannot make it. please support me with the AT command or any documents about the FOTA feature.


@DaiHo Dear DaiHo:
I will send you the latest firmware version and Upgrade tool by email. Please pay attention to receiving it .

thanks for your support!

Hi @Ryan_yang-Q
I have received the new firmware file you sent. Thanks for your support
but I need an upgrade file over OTA.
please send me some documents or AT command examples about FOTA.


@DaiHo The document has been sent to you by email. Please pay attention to receiving it. Thanks~

Thanks for your support!
I will try it.


Hi @Ryan_yang-Q

I have made the OTA process with AT command but was not successful.
please tell me why?
this is log.
[2021-10-21_17:49:34:493]+CPIN: READY
[2021-10-21_17:51:53:087]+QIND: “FOTA”,“HTTPSTART”
[2021-10-21_17:52:22:493]+QIND: “FOTA”,“HTTPEND”,716

@DaiHo Dear DaiHo
I’m sorry to reply you now. Error code 716 means HTTP (s) socket connection error. Please confirm whether the HTTP (s) server can be accessed normally. If you can access it normally, please try the dfota process again.
Best wishes to you

Hi @Ryan_yang-Q
when I use HTTP post mental. I can access it normally but when I use HTTP for the OTA process, this module always returns “Error code 716”. Please tell me why and how to fix it.
Below is the log when I use HTTP post.


Dear @DaiHo
I noticed that when you use the OTA function, the URL is “”. This may not work. I suggest you put the firmware package on the HTTP server you tested, that is, the HTTP address in the log you posted.


Thanks for your support!
Where I can get the “EC200SCNABR03A07M16.bin” file to put my serve.
bellow is the folder when I unzip the “” file. which file I can choose?


@DaiHo Hi DaiHo:
If you are upgrading in FOTA mode, extract the latest firmware package and select the zip file as shown in the figure below. thank you!

Hi @Ryan_yang-Q

I have pushed the “” file to my server. and I try to OTA over my server but I received a new HTTP ERROR(537).
Please help me!.


@DaiHo Hi DaiHo:
I reviewed document about《EC200x&EG912Y Series
DFOTA Application Note》,it is found that ec200s may not support the FOTA function, but supports the dfota function. You need to provide the current firmware version and the upgraded target version of the module, contact the local FAE to apply for differential subcontracting, and then carry out dfota upgrade test. As for error code 537, it may be caused by the network.

thank you !