EC200S Modem Freezes

We have a board that uses the 4G Modem EC200S and once in a while when we lose the internet connection we see that the modem freezes and the only way to recover from it are to reset the board using our GPIOs.

This issue is easier to reproduce whenever we go inside a lift and wait for the connection to be lost the modem once in a while freezes and we need to reset the modem.

Here’s our current model version: EC200SEUAAR01A04M16.

Is there any better solution for this matter?

Quicktel team I also face same issue. Your EC20 module does not work properly. In normal conditions it works fine. But, when GSM network range is week for few hors module get freeze it doesnt respond. I also restart EC20 after 15-minutes (RESET_N). But, does not work. Please reply. We stuck in very bad condition. We have to answer our customer.

When you detect that there is no network, you can try to switch the logic of cfun 0 1 to solve it. Use AT command AT+CFUN=0 AT+CFUM=1 to avoid, thank you.
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