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EC200S FTPS file transfer issue


I am encountering a problem dealing with EC200S chip. I tried to send files via ftps from EC200S. However, it seems the data is sent but not accepted by the server. I used the same command flow on EC200N and did not encounter the same problem. From Qnavigator V1.6.9.1 window, I was receiving the same set of msg either on EC200S or EC200N.

Both chips are with the latest firmware: EC200S firmware EC200SCNLBR03A07M16, EC200N firmware EC200NCNLAR03A05M08.

Please find enclosed the FTP log and command flow with msg feedbacks for both EC200S (ftps failed) and EC200N (ftps succeeded).

Please advise the possible cause for the EC200S ftps file transfer failed.

Thank you!!

Please find enclosed the log for EC200N for your reference. Basically you can’t tell any different from the Qnavigator feedback msg between EC200S and EC200N. However if you look at the Ftp server logs, the EC200N can successfully transfer file under ftps, while ftps file transfer from EC200S is aborted.

Looking forward to your advice. Thank you!

You can try to change to Serv-U FTP server, or change to vsftp, if you still don’t want to change the server, you can try to update the latest version through the proxy, the latest version is tested and there is no problem using Serv-u