EC200S datasheet, drivers and firmware

Hi guys, in our project, we are using EC200SEUAA-N06-SNNSA module. However I can not find any datasheets, drivers and firmware on quectel site.

Could you please provide me with links? There is mention of Quectel_EC200S_Series_Hardware_Design in, but I am unable to find it.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, can you give me your e-mail,and i will send it to you.


we also use the EC200S, and I’m interested in all documentation.
I had no luck until now to find the at+qnetdevctl command documented.
I know that It can be used to establish a data call and works fine if calling “at+qnetdevctl=1,1,1”. However: what’s the meaning of the parameters? And how to shut down the data call?

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Hi @stefschu

Thanks a lot for this helpful information.

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My pleasure,have a nice day.

I used this same command on EC-200SCN with “{ type }” as “3” for automatic connection.

My module keeps restarting now.

Did I brick it ?

What to do now?

my module restart after I use this command.

Please help