EC200N:Unable to receive SMS when using ME as the storage for SMS

Our device is EC200N-CN, ATI output is
Revision: EC200NCNAAR03A04M08

Yesterday, our device encountered a SMS bombardment, with a large number of messages instantly filling up the ME storage. When we used the AT+CMGL=4 command to retrieve the SMS list, it seemed that the data returned by CMGL=4 exceeded some limit. As a result, the EC200N stopped outputting data halfway through, seemingly freezing, with no further output and not responding to subsequent AT commands. So we restarted the EC200N and used AT+CMGD=1,4 to clear the storage. However, after clearing the storage, we could no longer receive any messages.

It’s worth noting that if we switch to the SIM card storage area using AT+CPMS=“SM”,“SM”,“SM”, we can receive messages normally again.

Similarly, using the AT+CNMI=1,2 command to prevent EC200N from storing SMS in the ME storage also allows us to receive notification of incoming SMS messages (+CMT) normally.

It seems like there may be an issue with the ME storage area.

Is there any way to completely reinitialize the storage area of the ME? Or is there a method to reset the entire device back to its factory settings?