EC200N linux porting driver for Raspberry

I would like to using EC200N-CN module with Raspberry Pi. Please help me a guide to porting EC200N linux driver to Raspberrry OS. My Raspberry os is downloaded from below link:

Index of /raspios_full_armhf/images (

Thank you so much !

Do you have a solution for integrate EC200N on Raspberry Pi 4 ? If yes, we can order for mass production. Thank you !

hi there,
you can use our linux driver on Raspberrry OS, i have send the driver via email, thank you.

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Hi Duncan, pls give me a guide to integrate your linux driver on Raspberry OS. I have read on below document but not clear . Thank you so much !

Quectel_LTE&5G_Linux_USB_Driver_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf (564.5 KB)

Hi Duncan, does i only copy driver folder that you sent to Raspberry and run following command to install ?

hi there,
you can do as our document, query the kernel version and make install.

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Hi Duncan, i copy v5.10.11 driver folder and make install, but error occur because my raspberry kernel is v5.10.17, as below image :

Pls give me driver for v5.10.17 kernel . Thank you !

hi there,
It looks like miss compiled header files, pls execute sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers, then make install again

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Good job Duncan, I have successfully integrated EC200N driver on Raspberry, thank you a lot !

Hi Duncan, could you pls give me a guide to porting EC200 Linux driver for Orange Pi. Customer also use Orange Pi with EC200N, if porting success, they will load EC200 PO for mass production. Thanks a lot !

Hi Duncan, i try to install EC200N on OrangePi and also catch this error. Please help me the guide to install driver on OrangePi

Thank you a lot !


I’m trying to install the same for EC200U module in raspberry pi. I was able to successfully run make install.
Do we also need to run make menuconfig from kernal source and enable these flags:
Please let me know if I missed any other step.


hi, i’m also currently porting linux driver for EC200N on raspberry pi cm4. can you share the driver?
Thank you