EC200N Linux kernel driver

Dear quectel support team,
I’m currently developing a custom OS for multiple platform such as Raspberry Pi 4, Beaglebone black and porting a driver of LTE module EC200N-CN for kernel 5.10 and 5.15 which connected to our CPU on our board. Can you please give me an instruction or any document about porting this linux driver.

I have found some information about linux driver transplantation, but I did not find the EC200N-CN module. There are other modules’ information, do you need to refer to it?

thank you for your support,
i believe it will help me a lot since other modules is quite similar to my EN200N module.
you can send me via email:

the Email has been sent,thanks.

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Hi AnnaLiu,
Please send me some information about linux driver transplantation related (EC200N-CN or as same). Thank you so much.
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This document can be used as a reference. Already forwarded to you.thanks.