EC200N-CN not interface with esp32

EC200N-CN is responding to commands received with navigator software but not responding to AT commands received with esp32.
i will share my schamatic diagram below:
Main.pdf (332.7 KB)

Is ESP32 running Linux OS?
Could you show the result of

cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices

yes i m using linux.
i am running { cat /sys/kernal/debug/usb/devices }command in terminal then i get output.
i will share this pic.

Please switch to root.

I cannot see it.
So there should be some problem with hardware.

If the EC200N-CN is enumerated, you can see it in “lsusb” and “cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices”

i have connected the EC200N-CN module with esp32 and esp32 is connected to the laptop.

sir i am not getting any output from 2C7C.
but responding to EC200N-CN AT command from the Qnavigator software.

sir now i am able to see 2C7C.

This seems to be the hardware issue.
You can check the kernel log, there might be usb enumeration related logs.

You can repost the topic. Some one specialized at HW might answer your question.

please see this pic.

That’s the EC200N.
Driver is already there.

You can see 3 /dev/ttyUSBx and network interface usb0.

yes i can see three usb ports.