EC200N-CN disconnect to server after 3 minutes 23 seconds

please help me out to decide which gsm module to use for my application. my application is to communicate to a server continuously (TCP server) by sending and receiving a string but needs to run continuously. as of now I’m using the EC200N-CN module, it works fine and connects to the server but after a couple of minutes it disconnects and probably never connects again I need to manually reset in order to get working.

You can configure the following command to keep alive. AT+QICFG=“tcp/keepalive”[,<ena

ble> [,<idle_time>,<interval_time>,

< probe_cnt> ] ]

Is this an accident or a necessity? How is the network signal in your location?

network signal are strong.

Can you catch a module log? I want to check through the log.

We are not logging anything from the module.
How can we get the log from the module?