EC200A-UA firmware and tools

Buenos dias tengo un problema con este moden estaba configundo la velocidad de uart (baud) le ingrese el comando AT+IPR 115200;&W asi tal cual, me respondio OK pero luego de eso el moden no me envia ningun mensaje es como si se quedo bloqueado xq no recibe ningun mensaje.
por eso les pido si alguien tiene el firmware para este modelo; el que tenia era el EC200AAUHAR01A03M16 desde ya les agradeceria mucho algun aporte

As far as I know, the EC200A does not support adaptive baud rate yet. It may be implemented through firmware update later. Stay tuned.
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Ni hao!
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Could you send me usb driver for win 7 x64 and if there is a new firmware send it to
with flash tool

Sorry,I can’t find your e-mail,can you send it for me?

xie xie

would you send me the new firmware and windows drivers for EC200A-EU

Sure,can you give your e-mail?

Hi send to you,pls chk.

Guys I’m here in front of this module that doesn’t allow me to download more than 5mb incoming and 1.5 in uploading in my area, could you help me try to understand how to install the new firmware and with which software or tool?? Thank you because I’ve had a thousand disconnections that drive me crazy… Thank you :pray: for anyone who wants to help me…

i too need windows driver for

Hi, could you please share the windows 10 drivers for EC200A-EU?

Hi, can you send me firmware and flashing tool for EC200A-EU? mail it to me Thanks.

Hi @JsL @stan4233
I send the firmware and tool to you,pls chk.

Hi, can you send me the firmware and flashing tool for EC200U-CN?
Mail me at:

sorry again
would you send the drivers of EC200A for raspbian OS

Hi @JsL
send to you,pls chk.

Hi @snb
I made sure to use the same driver as Linux, which I sent to you. Please use the uname -r command to query your system version number, and then find a similar driver package to transplant.

thank you
it’s 6.1.21

Hi @lyman-Q
Could you send me ( the Win10 drivers for EC200A-EU?
Also, the latest firmware and flashing tool.
Thanks a lot.