Ec200a eu update

please send me latest firmware for ec200aeu so i can change imei

Please give me an email address, I will send it to you, thank you.
Please provide instructions and software. thank you very much for this!

Because there are several types of versions, what is the current version?

so fit?

You can use the command AT+QGMR to check the current firmware version.thanks.

But I found this firmware on the Internet

Did you find this version online? I don’t have this type of firmware here.

Yes, I found it on the Internet, and now it seems to me that the Internet is not working. please send me another one for my modem

i have sent it by email,See if it works.thanks.

Thank you very much for your help!) Will I be able to change imei with this firmware?

You need to change imei, why? Is the imei number illegal?

imei is legal, the operator just blocks imei from 86 for Internet distribution. you need to put yours from the phone that starts with 35

However, there are certain risks in changing the imei number.

I’m ready to take risks, I simply have no other choice. In my region, only one provider receives it, and 86 imei does not work on it. Can you help me? And another question, what is the best mode to install on the rooter firmware so that it works? usbnet 1, 2,3,?

I have this problem. The connection is successful, the modem is detected but there is no Internet. in ECM mode and Ethernet does not work. before I changed imei it connected

let’s try a different version of the modem firmware. Doesn’t work with the version they sent me

I don’t have your version of firmware here anymore.thanks。