EC200A-EU latest firmware


can you please provide the latest firmware for EC200A-EU.

The version my device is currently running on is EC200AEUHAR01A05M16_01.001.01.001

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I have sent it to your email,pls check

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Hello All,
the same please - EC200AEUHAR01A10M16_01.001.01.001

I have sent it to your email,pls check

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Hello herbert.pan-Q,
Sorry, but you sent me the firmware for EC200U, but I need EC200A.
Could you please clarify if it is compatible?

I’m very sorry, I think I read wrong, I re-send you

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Hi herbert.pan-Q,
thank you so much for new version of firmware, release notes has mention about problem which I whant to fix.
But I have Linux board with, could you provide version for QFirehose tool?

Yes, I have sent it to you, please check

Hello herbert.pan-Q,
Thank you very much for actual version of QFirehose but I asked about firmware for this tool.
As I can see QFirehose reqiare own file structure of firmware (/update/firehose dir and list of files(prog_nand_firehose_.mbn, prog_firehose_.elf and etc) are necessery):

but firmware which you have sent can read by QFlash (I`ve checked it) and has another structure:

Could you please help me with right tool and firmware which I can use in linux?

Please refer to the documents in Qfirehose

could you please put the link to doc which elaborate on how to work with QFlash format of firmware?

I can only find the document in Chinese, can you upgrade it through QFlash?

unforchently no way which QFlash, I`ve got solid linux(openwrt) board

I have sent you the Chinese guidance document, please solve it through Google Translate

there is link to ENG version -

but again it`s not solve issue with another firmware format.
Do you have firmware update package for QFirehose exactly?

There’s nothing more I can do :joy:


I need FW for EC200A-UA for multiple devices. Currently I’m running


I’m using Teltonika’s RUT200 devices which include your EC200A-EU modem.

Could you plz send a download link for the newes version to (or use the e-mail my account is registerd to)


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I have sent the latest firmware to this email

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May I please have the latest Firmware for EC200A-EU, the current revision is EC200A
Revision: EC200AEUHAR01A18M16
Thank you

I have sent the latest firmware to your email