EC200 firmware version

Hi ,
I have two EC200U-CN devices. Each have different firmware version.
Board 1:
Version: EC200UCNAAR02A07M08_OCPU, in this version my AT+CSQ and AT+COPS? are working. The sim card gets registered.

Board 2: EC200UCNLAR02A07M08_OCPU
Issue: The AT+CSQ is working but AT+COPS? Not working. It gets return value as +COPS:0.
The same sim card is unable to get register.

In both the boards the code is same. Is the issue is in firmware version or any other.
If it is firmware version issue, Can I get required files of updated firmware version to replace EC200UCNLAR02A07M08_OCPU version from my boards.

Hi @rushikeshD
If you’re working on QuecOpen projects, you should have a SDK and you need to configure the project in the SDK and generate different firmware for different modules.
If you use work with standard FW (AT command) then the current firmware on both of your EC200U is wrong, you may want to get the correct firmware and the tool to flash the module from the distributor.