EC20 USB's are going off

ppp_log.txt (1.0 MB)

Please find the attachment , we are continually testing with EC20 module with PPP mode, Many times USB’s are going off. Please guide us where is the problem?

Hi @nsprateep
It seems that PPP dial-up failed because your USBTTY3 is occupied. Please check whether there is any other service occupying the USB port, stop it, and try PPP dial-up alone.

Dear sir,
USB3 Dedicated for this PPP pross only, actually other USB’s (/div/ttyUsb0 , /div/ttyUsb1 , /div/ttyUsb2 , /div/ttyUsb3 ) are also not showing. In some cases instead of /div/ttyUsb3 showing /div/ttyUsb4.

Log Refrence.pdf (724.2 KB)
Please refer this file for your reference.