EC20 Quecopen: Unable to establish connection

Hi Guys,

I have been working with quecopen SDK : EC20CEFILGR06A04M1G_OCPU_SDK.
I was not provided any documentation regarding this SDK. However, I was able to connect through AT port via dev/smd8 and am able send commands and get expected responses.

I am having trouble with examples provided. For instance, I am not able to establish connection with the socket example. Can someone explain me the flow. i.e. how to set APN via api.
I do not have any documentation. Please help me with that.


Dear Sir,
EC20 OCPU version we don’t maintain it anymore, please contact your local FAE to switch other development methods

Never mind… figured it out. We are going to change the module. I had to use this because this is the module I have right now… and can’t get new modules because of lockdown.

Any ways… Thanks