EC20 latest firmware

Hey there,
Can anyone share the latest firmware for EC200UCNLB?

Thank you.

Hello, are you sure it is CNLB product? All I found was the CNLA firmware.Please confirm it and I will send it to you if necessary.

Its CNLB, I’m sure. I’ve attached a photo as well.

Thank you @lyman-Q. That would be helpful.

Hello, there is something wrong with my reply before. I have confirmed that it is the same firmware version as CNLA. Please give me your email and I will send you the latest firmware version.

Here’s my email-id :


OK,The email has been sent to you, please check it.

Hey @lyman-Q,
Can you send me the link again, the link doesn’t seem to open at all.

Thank you.

Sure,i’ll send you again,please check.

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