EC20 is not working

Hi team,
I have my EC20 worked for the first time, but the second time I turn it on, the LED STATUS doesn’t work anymore.
Note that I have already measured the following properties:

  • Vbat=3.82V (I checked with oscilloscope and it show that the power supply is stable)
  • V(PWRKEY)=0.82V
  • V(RESET_N) =1.83V

I also set the boot_config to high level in order to boot up the board.
Did I have any problems that the LEDs couldn’t work? Any help is appreciated.

The pins you measured are OK, but how is the voltage of LED STATUS pin or LED?

The LED_STATUS is 2.3V and 3.9V, I measured at 2 poles of the LED, so it is 1.6 voltage drop of the LED_STATUS

pls paste your schematic of this parts here, thanks~

The resistor has 1k ohm
Update: when I measure it with multimeter, it has 1.2 Kohm

I suggest you can check the LED characteristic - voltage drop, forward current whether they meet your design. If the current is too small, the LED will not be lit.
Or you can replace the LED to try.

I think your module work abnormally, so that your voltage of STATUS is 2.3V. The pin presented high-impedence state.

Thanks for your help. I will check this