EC20 GPS/GPRS time synchronization

Hello, Is there any way to get the network time by millisecond or microsecond resolution using EC20 module? Thanks

Dear Ahmed,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Sorry that, EC20 module cannot get millisecond or microsecond resolution.If you have such requirement, you can try to use the standalone GNSS module. Thanks!

Thanks but what I mean is to Get the PPS (Pulse per second ) from the Module , and this can apply for EC20 and EC25 as well , So the actual need for Time precision is the PPS ,I understand that The AT command {AT+QGPSLOC}

is only in sec. but the moment of the Pulse per second is the one precise +/- 50nS

EC20 cannot support 1pps now. Thanks!

Does the EC25 Mini PCIe module support it , if not which mini PCIe module do ?

EC25 module also cannot support 1pps now. If you want to use it, you can try to use EG25G module, and must use the latest firmware. Thanks!