[EC20]Automatic APN Detection

I have an application that requires APN to be configured on the fly. Is it possible to Automatically detect the APN of the inserted SIM with any AT command?
Also I need to detect if the SIM module is inserted or not, but my SIM module does not have a detect switch. Is it possible to detect SIM insertion and removal with some other command?

I am using a custom board consisting of an EC20 module connected to a microcontroller to store the AT commands.

Thank You

Dear Sir,
The module cannot support to detect APN automatic, but the network have such function, you need to check with your local operator. Thanks!
The module have the SIM_Presence pin which can used to detect whether you have insert SIM card or not. Please check the following design circuit, if you want to use such function, you need to make sure the SIM card circuit of your board design as the following picture, then you can use AT+QSIMEDT to set it. Thanks!

Assuming the network does support such option, do I just leave out the APN configuration part?

Dear Sir,
If the network can support such function, you can leave out the APN configuration or set a wrong APN to check it. Thanks!