EC20 AT command to check eNodeB?

Is there an AT command to check and return the conencted EnodeB?

I do not see one in the EC20 or EC25 manuals. thanks

Any AT command which returns the full LTE cell ID gives the eNB ID. Eg:

+CEREG: 2,1,"2034","804A23E",7
+QENG: "servingcell","NOCONN","LTE","FDD",505,01,804A23E,47,100,1,5,5,2034,-110,-12,-75,14,29

The cell ID (in hexadecimal) 804A23E consists of the eNB ID (804A2) and the sector ID (3E).

The trailing two hex digits are the sector ID.

So in this case, the eNB ID is 0x804A2 (525474 decimal) and the sector ID is 0x3E (62 decimal).