EC-21AU EC-25AU GPS Working then Stop Working - How to flash

Hello Quectel

We use EC-21AU LCC and EC-25AU LCC in our product. Usually GPS function works well. Hardware design is same as Quectel App note.

Sometimes at unpredictable time the EC-21AU or EC-25AU in our product will fail and not return latitude and longitude. This seems to happen when power cycles. After this fail reset cannot fix.

At the moment we have EC-21AU and EC-25AU built on our product. But cannot return latitude and longitude.(Usually always is OK).

We would like the tools to try to flash both parts with newest firmware to try to fix. We use LCC version so if we cannot flash and fix we need to discard which is expensive.

Please help. Thank you,


Hi @tonyrichardson
Can you tell me the specific model, because there are many branches of these two models, and it would be better if you could tell me the version you are currently using.