EASY Functionality L96-M33 - Understanding Query Result


I am having trouble interpreting the Query Result of EASY provided by L96-M33.
I am sending to the module a Query, just like referenced in the documentation, “$PMTK869,029\r\n" and getting the following Query Result: "$PMTK869,2,1,329\r\n”.
Now, what exactly does this mean?
Does “$PMTK869,2,1,3*29\r\n” mean that EASY is updated and due in 3 days, or does it mean that EASY has reached the third and final day of predictions and needs the 5 minute “update”?
I have indexed a capture of the commands for clarification.
I feel like the explanation on the GNSS protocol specification is very short and dry!
Awaiting answer patiently!

Hi Frutuoso EVOX,

Let’s take PMTK869 command as exmple.

The reply $PMTK869,2,1,3*29 means
Type = 2: this is a query result
Enable_CMD = 1: EASY is enabled
Extension_Day = 3: there are 3 days prediction orbit data. EASY feature has predicted the coming 3 days aiding information.


I will send you related documents via message.

Best regards.

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Hello Raphael-Q,

Taking your quote as context “Extension_Day = 3: there are 3 days prediction orbit data. EASY feature has predicted the coming 3 days aiding information.”, I can conclude that the command tells that there are 3 days worth of prediction by EASY. Understood!

To conclude my doubts, in order to know when to update EASY with the “5 minutes”, should I wait for the command “$PMTK869,2,1,0*2A\r\n”?
To my understanding, this command means that EASY is still functional but is due on that same day.
Awaiting your answer patiently.

Frutuoso Evox

Hi Frutuoso Evox,

The “5 minutes” waiting time depends on environment. In clear open sky environment, L96 will finish predicting 3 days aiding information 5 minutes after getting fixed.

L96 will keep updating EASY data after it get fixed. If the signal level is low or it is turned off within 5 minutes, it will predict maybe 1 day or 2 days aiding information.

The prediction state(Extension_Day) from 0 to 3 is automatic. You don’t need to wait for “$PMTK869,2,1,0*2A\r\n”.

Best regards.

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