Dual USIM Support on UMTS&LTE EVB R2.0


I’m using a UMTS&LTE EVB R2.0 with a EG91-NA and trying validate the dual sim function.

The primary sim card slot (J702) is working perfectly. This EVAL board has a secondary sim card slot installed (J703), but I cannot get the EG91 to recognize it. Is it connected to the EG91 in a way that is compliant to the dual sim function? The EVB documentation says it is not mounted and reserved for future use, but it is on my board.

With both sim cards inserted, I see:

+QDSIM: (0.,1)

If it supported in the EVB board, then can you please provide an example of how to configure the use of the J703 card holder?

Thanks kindly,

Can you give your e-mail,and i will send the Quectel_EG91_Series_Hardware_Design_V2.2 to you.You may refer to the instruction manual.