DSS support of RM500Q models

Is DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) supported by the RM500Q-GL or -AE? I can’t find this feature in the documentation of the both models. In Europa, the operators use DSS together with NSA for the 5G spectrum.

Hello Steffen, yes, RM500Q-GL and -AE both can support FDD BAND DSS function ,such as n1/B1,n2/B2,n3/B3 etc. Thanks!

Hi Peter,

And how we can enable DSS support in the module?
Do we use AT+QNWCFG command?
If you look at page 266 of AT Command document (Appendix, 13.1. Terms and abbreviations), DSS stand for Decision Support System. Is this typo?


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your advice, it is typo indeed.:slight_smile:
DSS function is enabled by default.Here is the at command.Thanks!

Hi Peter,

Great…thank you…
Can’t wait to test my Quectel 5G Module once it arrive from China.