Driver Update for EM120R-GL on Windows 11 failed

I just wanted to update to the latest driver for EM120R-GL on my Lenovo P15s notbook with Windows 11, becasue the provider is always shown as “No signal”. But after installing the latest firmware I can still see that Microsoft driver version 10.0.22000.1 ist installed. How can I fix it, that the communcation will work?

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I will send the latest USB driver to you via email, if you still have the problem, please deliver the device manager screenshot to me.


I have exact the same problem. Driver stucked on 10.0.22000.1 and WWAN cannot be activated.

CU Oliver

I also have the same problem

We all have the same failure and no solution available? Really a great support from Lenovo and Quectel. Thanks for nothing

Hi there,

the same for me. It worked until the last firmware update that came with Windows Update last night.
Since then the device cannot be activated, but it is seen in the device manager without question mark.

Br, Thomas

Could you send me a screenshot of the failed driver installation?

How did you fix the problem? I have also no signal. I did install Updates for Windows 11 and Lenove T14s Gen 2 Updates.