Driver for BG95-M3 for android

I recently purchased a BG95-M3 m.2 card for and android project. Reading through the documentation I saw that I needed gps_cfg.inf and file for driver support. Where can I find these drivers for download?

Sorry @Samuel_Schmucker

Please find new attach link for this .inf .so files.

So far, I was able to upload the two files into the system that I requested as well as the RIL files. But I am stuck trying to upload the new version of the inti.rc file. I was able to modify a copy of the inti.rc file but was unable to copy it back into the root directory of file system while it was turned on. I was using es file explorer in root access mode to find and copy over files. How would I best go about modifying files for the android file system? I there an easy way to connect it to a file editor or explore the files through Android Studio?

You must have the Android source code.
With only Android Studio, you could develop the Android APK.

init.rc is in the ramfs image and you must update the boot.img.

I built the source code from a github repository and using the generic AOSP source code and tried modifying some files to no avail. The problem I have, is that the documentation is asking me to modify certain files such as the init.rc file and ueventd.rc files. But when doing a search in the default path according to the documentation I cannot find that file. And when doing a search for the file there are multiple files with the same name. So what I am asking is how to I know what file to modify or should I create a file which the path that is specified in the doc.

Could you tell me what is the Linux board? Rpi?

The board I am using is a Raspberry Pi 5 but I have access to a Pi 4 as well.

I am not sure whether you are working with LineageOS.
And why you are looking for the init.rc?

Actually to port RIL to Android, if the Android version is higher than 7.1, just make sure the rild is built then there will be ril-daemon service running.

Find the appropriate makefile, and add


Sorry for the misunderstanding I am using a raspberry vanilla and I am building for the raspberry pi. Here is the GitHub page I am using Raspberry Vanilla ยท GitHub. And I will be sure to modify the rild file instead of the init file. And I will try using IRadio version 1.0 as well.

No need to find the init.rc.
If you have added the rild, there will be rild.rc which will bring up the ril-daemon service.