Doubts about hardware desing with BG96

I am creating my own mini PCI-express PCB based in a module BG96MA-128-SGN.

(1) Regarding PWRKEY pin, my carrier board will not control this signal, so what should I do with it? Can it be connected directly to GND?

(2) Mini PCI-express connector has a ‘WAKE#’ signal, which should be an output at BG96 and is used in order the module can ‘wake’ the host processor of the carrier board from a sleep mode, but I don’t see a specific pin of BG96 to do that function. Will I need to use one of its GPIOs for this? How would I change the firmware of BG96 in order to it to control one GPIO to do this function of ‘wake the host’?

(3) Firmware upgrade of BG96 is done via USB pins, UART pins or can be via both?


1- you can use the button.

2- It is the RI of BG96.

3- only using USB pin.

Hi, thanks very much.
But the control of PWRKEY pin should be automatic. I am thinking to use a supervisor IC to do this job. I plan to use this IC, it would be supplied from the same 4V supply rail that supplies the VBAT_RF pins and VBAT_BB pins, when the supply rail reaches 3.08V, then the open colletor output of the IC would connect PWRKEY of BG96 to GND for a period of 1100ms (minimum), and the BG96 requires a pulse >= 500ms.
Do you think this solution will work? If not, do you know another solution? The control of PWRKEY should be automatic…


Hi, please take a look at this.

(1) There is WAKE# and RI outputs, and you said for me to use RI as WAKE#
(2) There is no PWRKEY, and “PWRKEY” is not mentioned in the entire document of the BG96 mini PCI-e Hardware Design. I wonder how they did to control the PWRKEY pin in this board, maybe through the DTR input?


You can forget all that. PWRKEY is not a signal of mini PCI-express standard, but the connector has 4 reserved pins, and I will use one of them to control PWRKEY.


so you got it? do you have any question for me now?

Its all solved, and the PCB layout is already finished.

Hi Tanveer.
What is the process to place the BG96 in USB mode for firmware update?
I imagine this: Supply the module with pin USB_BOOT set to logic 1, then press PWRKEY button, and the module will enter in firmware upgrade mode?

Or, if the module is running and pin USB_BOOT goes to logic 1 it will enter in USB mode for firmware upgrade?


Hi, Abomin.
1- USB_BOOT set to logic 1.
2- then press PWRKEY button.
module will enter in firmware upgrade mode.