Doubs regarding EASY Autonomous Technology

Hi Support,
I’m working with MC60 (Stand-alone Solution). The revision software is MC60ECAR01A05.
In order to minimize the TTFF, I’m testing the EASY Autonomous Technology. After that I’ve verified that
the EASY is enabled and is finished after 3 days (sending the packet $PMTK869,029, I’ve received $PMTK869,2,1,329) I waited more 1 hour after it fixes the position but seems that the module doesn’t download
or doesn’t save the predicted information into the internal memory because the status is not changed.
I report you a log of this test; it starts at 2020-07-14 12:49:15.828 ( Local Time ) and finishes at 2020-07-14 14:09:38.414. In this period the board doesn’t lost fix position and I’ve tested the EASY Status
many times:
[2020-07-14 12:49:30.317] $NMEA:$PMTK869,2,1,329
[2020-07-14 12:58:19.333] $NMEA:$PMTK869,2,1,3
[2020-07-14 13:06:56.361] $NMEA:$PMTK869,2,1,329
[2020-07-14 13:14:13.653] $NMEA:$PMTK869,2,1,3
[2020-07-14 13:28:34.273] $NMEA:$PMTK869,2,1,329
[2020-07-14 14:08:47.687] $NMEA:$PMTK869,2,1,3

After at least 5 minutes, if I’ve understood fine I had to receivee $PMTK869,2,1,1*2B, is it correct?
Why doesn’t this happen?

GiampietroEASY_LOG.pdf (1.7 MB)

Checked the attached log. $PMTK869,2,1,3*29 appears many times. But it doesn’t like $PMTK869,2,1,3 29 you mentioned. Do you miss the asterisk character?

The definition of the packet is as shown below.

$PMTK869,CmdType,[Enable], [Extension Day] *CS

Actually, the extension days are all 3-day already in the log.