Doubs about the right procedure to do in order to wake-up the MC60 after the sleep mode

I’ve some doubs about the right procedure to follow in order to wake-up the MC60 after the sleep mode.
In details, when I’ve to wake-up the module MC60 from the sleep mode, I send the follow commands:

  1. AT+QSCLK=0 (MC60 answers with OK)
  2. AT+CREG=1 (MC60 answers with OK)
  3. AT+CGREG=1 (MC60 answers with OK)
  4. AT+CGATT=1 (After more 100 seconds the module does not answer)
    After, I send other commands (for example AT) but the module does not answer yet; I resolve rebootting the module. In order to give more information, I noticed while I wait the answer to the commad AT+CGATT the module send the notification ‘+CGREG +0’ and ‘+CGREG +5’.
    Could you indicate me where is the problem?

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If you do not reply after sending AT+CGATT=1, do not send other ats first, the module will not process the next AT until the last AT is processed. You need to wait for cgatt to return ok or error. The timeout period of cgatt is 75s. If there is no reply after 75s, then consider whether there is an exception in the module. CGATT 0 indicates that the network injection is not successful and there is no intention to continue the network injection. cgreg: 5 indicates that the roaming network is injected