DOTA File to update EG25GGC to latest version

Hello All

Please can you point me to the DOTA file to update my EG25GGCR0702M1G firmware to the latest? I wish to use AT+QCOPS and it is failing on LTE. Please can you help with the link to the file and instructions? Also, does the update need to be via http? Can it be done via a file that lives on my Glinet router?

Can you upgrade locally? It is also convenient to use QFLASH software to upgrade locally.
If you need it, please give me your email address so that I can send you the upgrade tool and the latest firmware package.

the devices are in the field, so looking for the DOTA file top keep the amount of data limited. however, I’m happy to try both. How can I personally send my Email address to you?

I have sent you the tool and the latest firmware package, please be sure to note that after the latest version is upgraded, it cannot be rolled back to the old version, please pay attention to check the release note.