Does UG96 support MQTT protocol?

I saw other products like MC60 can support MQTT protocol via AT command.
I have UG96(or 95) chip. Does this support MQTT protocol also?

If so, when send MQTT data can I send binary data (including some zeros in the middle of data) instead of ascii data?

Thank you.

Dear Jaehwa,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please double check the firmware version of UG96 module that you used now.You can use ATI to check it.
For UG96 module, only the version UG96LNAR02A12E1G can support MQTT. Please email to to get it. Thanks!
Yes, it can support send binary data. Thanks!

Thank you for your quick reply! As I need to decide which modem I need to buy, but the vendor’s page doesn’t show me the detail of the chipset.

I just found that there are many variations in UG96, so if I use UG96LNAR02A08E1G (not UG96LNAR02A12E1G), I cannot use MQTT even after the firmware upgrade. right?

I found my modem’s firmware version is UG96LNAR02A10E1G. Is it possible to use MQTT without upgrade firmware?

Sorry that this firmware version cannot support MQTT. Please upgrade it. Thanks!