Does support BG95M3 voice call?

I’m trying Voice Call with BG95M3LAR02A02. But it doesn’t work.
Can you let me know which version of BG95M3 supports Voice call?

I think you need additional hardware to enable voice call. Not sure for the details


BG95M3 series support voice call from version BG95M3LAR04A01, pls check on this version and it
should be working :slight_smile:

Hi, Linkin-Q,

I can’t find BG95M3LAR04A01. where can I get it?

Thank you!

Hi Kim,
I sent it to your email, pls check!

Hi, Linkin-Q,

Much thanks!!

Is it okay overwrite BG95M3LAR02 to BG95M3LAR04?

Yes, sure, better to use latest QFLASH upgrade tool.

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