Does Quectel_AG35_Automotive_Module support eUICC function?

Does Quectel_AG35_Automotive_Module support eUICC function? I can not find this information from Quectel_AG35_Automotive_Module_Specification. Does this module test with
Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture
Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC Technical Specification
and if yes, which version does it support? thanks.

  1. eUICC involves module manufacturers, SIM card manufacturers and operators, and also needs the support of third-party applications. The module side can connect ESIM/eUICC with third-party applications or operators, providing access to third-party applications. Or the operator completes the download and update of the SIM Profile. Therefore, what we can provide externally is which interface protocols the module supports.
  2. The standard protocol of eUICC is defined in SGP.21 and SGP.22. The AG35 module can support BIP and MBIM, and can provide corresponding interfaces, which can be implemented by terminals or third parties.